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How Lifestyle modification is important for treatment of Depression


Sleep and Depression
Good quality of sleep is required for Psychological health.Insomnia is a symptom of depression, regular practice of good sleep hygiene prevents use of sleeping pills.Disturbed sleep is associated with majority of mood disorders. For good sleep, avoid day time nap,regular morning walk/physical exercise /yoga, avoid alcohol,caffeine like stimulants in evening .

Diet and Depression
Research does not give any conclusive thoughts about association of diet and depression.Some studies show role of antioxidants, selenium and Omega 3 fatty acids in treatment of Depression.

Physical exercise/ yoga and Depression
Physical exercises causes release of some chemicals that interacts with brain receptors that my improve mood and self esteem.

Alcohol,Cigarette addiction and Depression
Alcohol dependence is associated with Depression. Treatment of Alcohol induced depression includes treatment of Alcohol addiction.Tobacco use is associated with insomnia and anxiety .Management of drug addiction is important for treatment of Depression.

Meditation and Depression
Meditation is a way of turning your attention to a single focus. Point of focus can be breathing, chanting a mantra, or any other bodily sensation. Meditation aims channeling ones focus on living in the present. Meditation requires continuous practice. The regular practice of meditation leads to development of control over psyche in an individual.
a) Mindful Meditation: Psychiatrists and psychologists use this method to help people suffering with psychological problems.
b) Spiritual Meditation: This method is followed by majority of the spiritual organizations to help people relive from various problems.
Meditation helps to control negative thoughts ,anxiety symptoms and insomnia
in patients of Depression.

Dr Aarti Midha
Psychiatrist and Deaddiction Specialist

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